Andrew Greig

This is also is from the same designer.

Andrew Greig

Andrew Greig is a designer specialized in web design, but he has also some very nice print-works. He is also the developer of

creative cartoon figures with ease

this design is from digital arts magazine.
Mercedes Crespo created this characters based on a few simple shapes

Digital Art magazine

cover if digital Art magazine

Armen Guzelimian CD Packaging

Multimedia Magazine Cover Art

Front Cover of Illustration Summer 2006

legendary chopper-builder

The Royal Magazine | Issue 07

The Royal Magazine editorial spreads and illustrations feature on the legendary chopper-builder, Indian Larry.



This on also is from the book the Communications Art.
Ismael Carrillo, illustrator/ art director

Rhwtt & Link CD

This design has been taken from the Communications Art book.
Kendrick kidd, art director/illustartor
The Robin Shepherd group , ad agency

Institutional 2

Edel Rodriguez, illustrator
Michiko Toki, Art director/designer
Wendy Miller, editor
Cal Alumni Association, publisher
California Magazin, client


David Hughes, illustrator
David Armario/Dennis MCLeod, art derctors
David Armario Design, design firm
stanford medicine, client


Sam Weber, illustrator
Jim Burke, art director
Dellas Graphics, client
Created for the annual Dellas Graphics Frog Folio promotional calendar.


Editorial 5

Ryan Brinkeerhoff, illustrator
Bandito  Design C., design firm
The Chairs, client
"We designed a poster for The Chairs winter tour that was send to each venus to hang for promotion and the sold at the shows."

Editorial 4

Edel todriguez, illustaror
Janet Michaud, art director
Lilian V. Duncan, designer
The Washington Post, client
The writer goes on a meditation trip to the jungle off Brazil in search of the perfect natural yoga experience.

Editorial 3

Jon Krause, illustrator
Diamond James, art director
The Washington post, client
"The Economic Gardener," an article describe hoe to garden on a budget.

Editorial 2

Jason Holley, illustrator
Brian McMullen, art director
McSweeney's, client.
"The end, the end, et ceyera" a review of The Road and other apocalyptic films.


Yota Onoda illustrator
Jennifer Nosek Creative director
Modern dog client
"to lost friends and fallen comrades," a magazine article lamenting the short life span of dogs.

Second Sketch

My Idiot Duck :) at the beginning it was a simple duck but by the time that I was working at my job I kept messing with it came up like this. this duck took me a lot of time to be done.


First Scan

this is the very first scan and design that I found in one of the design magazines about Iran. 
FYI: it is about after election protests 2009. I think it is a very good and true  design. 


First Sketch

My little monkey sheep as a first sketch. :))
I am becoming interested to sketching the monkeys face, I don;t know why but I am practicing it so much. I will post my next sketches that I have been practicing the monkeys face.



Tim Olwell's "Best in Graphic Design" award-winning print entitled "Time flies... "