Editorial 5

Ryan Brinkeerhoff, illustrator
Bandito  Design C., design firm
The Chairs, client
"We designed a poster for The Chairs winter tour that was send to each venus to hang for promotion and the sold at the shows."

Editorial 4

Edel todriguez, illustaror
Janet Michaud, art director
Lilian V. Duncan, designer
The Washington Post, client
The writer goes on a meditation trip to the jungle off Brazil in search of the perfect natural yoga experience.

Editorial 3

Jon Krause, illustrator
Diamond James, art director
The Washington post, client
"The Economic Gardener," an article describe hoe to garden on a budget.

Editorial 2

Jason Holley, illustrator
Brian McMullen, art director
McSweeney's, client.
"The end, the end, et ceyera" a review of The Road and other apocalyptic films.


Yota Onoda illustrator
Jennifer Nosek Creative director
Modern dog client
"to lost friends and fallen comrades," a magazine article lamenting the short life span of dogs.

Second Sketch

My Idiot Duck :) at the beginning it was a simple duck but by the time that I was working at my job I kept messing with it came up like this. this duck took me a lot of time to be done.


First Scan

this is the very first scan and design that I found in one of the design magazines about Iran. 
FYI: it is about after election protests 2009. I think it is a very good and true  design.